Before you start your tour at your our shop and before each transaction sure to consult and accept the following terms and conditions as apply specifically to the use of the shop of  Company David & Nektarios G.P. Any use of page implies the explicit and unconditional consent and your consent to these terms and conditions.

 Distribution &  Postage


1. As a minimum order limit set any amount from € 30,00 to € 59,99 + € 2,00 surcharge for delivery within Kos. If your order does not complete the above limit, can not be pursuance.

2. For postage across Greece have two options. By regular mail or by courier (courier). In both cases there is a cost minimum charge.

3. As a minimum order limit for delivery free of charge is defined as the amount of € 59,99. This applies to orders delivered in Kos. Besides Kos applies the list of transport per kilo.

ELTA 3,90 + 0,5 € per kg after 2 pounds.
Courier 7,90 + 1,5 € per kg after 2 pounds.
3. kosmarket make gift charging on delivery nationwide.

5. To send heavy products we recommend contacting us (22420 92010-22420 92015) to inform you about the postage costs and to offer the most advantageous to you choice (eg transport company).
6. Radiator Products will be sent ONLY to transport companies for the safest and most complete shipment to you. The Posting with Transport Company assumes receipt the  products from the offices of each Transmission.

Checkout -Details & Delivery Time

Sending and distribution of products made by our own care to arrive intact to you within and outside Kos. The orders deliveries within Kos delivered daily from 11:30 a.m. until 19:30 The orders we receive in Kos after 12:00 am will be promoted to the next day. For shipments of orders outside Kos delivered daily at the post office, Courier, Transport Company (of your choice) until 13:00 after 13:00 pm will be forwarded to the next day.

The delivery of your order will be at the address and the time you wish. If for reasons of force majeure we are unable to deliver to you the time you selected will contact you to arrange a new delivery time.

You may select the delivery date and time of two hours to serve you. The only requirement is that you have completed your order at least until 12:00 pm the same day. At the same time, you can cancel your order or add or remove products through customer service at Tel .: 2242092010 to 2242092015 or E-mail, provided the parcel has not been delivered to distributors. The contact time with the call center kosmarket is from 08:00 am to 16:00 pm from Monday to Saturday.Delivery Time

1. ELTA 3-4 working days

2.COURIER 1-2 business days

3. Transmission Company 4-5 days and carried out is received by the offices of the transport company.

Returns & Changes
Note that returns damaged or expired products should be confirmed by us with a phone or email.
All returns the responsibility of the sender until receipt by us.
If you wish to return your products for any reason, must be made within two days from the date of delivery to you. Our company is required to reimburse your costs.
If paying by credit card, the company has the right to withhold 3.4% of the total amount as a refund rates.
Our distributors will experience at least two delivery attempts before return the products to us.
Make sure you have read and fully understand the terms that appear on our site.

Payments pricing & promotions

All prices quoted on the website are final. If pricing error your order will be suspended and will contact you how to proceed.
All orders must be prepaid or paid on delivery in case cash on delivery. Our distributor is required in this case to collect the total amount and give you relevant evidence.
Our company does not share information about you and your orders in third.
The Paypal is used as a secure payment system.

Data protection reserves the right to unilaterally amend or update these rules of use (“terms and operating rules”, “Record-Security of personal data”) from time to time. For changes, additions or deletions will be contacted either by email address you provide at registration or through the communication / suspension on the website. The changes will come into immediate effect following the announcement / posting them on the site without prior notice. If you do not want to admit the new terms and rules should stop using the website and online shops. If you continue using the Site after the date of implementation of the changes, your use of the website and / or online shops indicates your agreement to be bound by the new terms and rules of use. It would be advisable to refer to them and informed systematically because every time you use the shop, is subject to the current that moment applicable terms, and therefore should be sure to know them first. We declare that the management and protection of personal data of the visitor / user of this isotope, comply with the provisions of Law. 2472/1997 on the protection of personal data of individuals. If your visiting, no personal data are collected. Personal data is collected only when voluntarily provided by you and with your explicit consent, such as, for example, through the contact page, if the question and corresponding reply from you or send your CV. In the above cases, however, we disclosed previously and expressly the respective object collection of your personal data, while at the same time, apply the currency of your rights, ie. Information, access and objection. To input your online store using two (2) codes, the User ID (Username) and the Personal Security Code (Password). When you register, the online store will ask you to create a password (password) .. The online store allows you to modify your Personal Identification Security Code (password) as often as desired. I recommend you, for security reasons, regularly change your password, keep this code secret and not to disclose or communicate it to any other person. Also it is advisable not to make use of the same or predictable or easily detectable codes. Code Entry (Username) and the Personal Security Password (Password), each time you enter the access to provide absolute security to your personal information. The only one who has access to your information you are through the above code. You are solely responsible for maintaining the privacy of third parties, as well as all actions, actions and orders coming, posted or conducted under the password, personal security code and generally your account. Generally you bring your own sole risk injury or from any third party access to your password. The online store and in general, our Company is not able to know and no responsibility in case of use for any reason your password by an unauthorized person, similarly for any damage or injury resulting thereof the cause. In any case, consider how you to do (actions) / import (orders) and no responsibility may be attributed in this regard. Also solely responsible for the careful use of your account and standard you exit your account at the end of each use (Logout). The data “personal” who trusted us is very important to us, and we assure you that we will not be processed by any third party, for to promote the sale of goods or services for ‘any other means. All information we have at our disposal can still be used, 1) to determine possible fraud or deceit against the smooth operation of the website, 2) order the to meet the requirements placed by law or competent court authority, 3) in order to safeguard the legitimate rights of our company, our customers, or others. The site as to its contents and types that appear in it, is not a sentence, but an invitation to you to submit a proposal request, the proposed ie your order, thus not creating any legal obligation of the testator and operated website to conclude ultimately sales contract (in whole or in part) to these proposed items on your behalf. Then select the items you want and personalize your order. We then, with professionalism and care we collect what available from these species are on display, appropriate pack, and your send to the destination you choose, in certain hour delivery. Sending on behalf of the shop and / or the Company’s receipt of any order in no way constitutes acceptance of the order, which anyway is subject to availability and stock the shop compared with the ordered products. The online store no guarantee can be provided for the availability of products. Order may be partially accepted and executed. The Company therefore does not assume responsibility for damages that may result from non-acceptance and non-performance in whole or in part any order. In each case, partial or total acceptance by us of the proposed by your order is only in the respective partial or total execution of the order, so in this phase established the purchase contract between us and charged with the values ​​you have in the day mission proposed by your order commit. Detailed considerations: In connection with any proposed by you no minimum order size PER ITEM (either in volume or in value). In certain categories of offered items but provided maximum possible volume per species.


The aim of is to ensure the best market prices. To achieve this goal, daily monitored the formation of market sales prices of SuperMarket and systematic effort to improve competitiveness through more affordable prices. In general, the market values ​​of SuperMarket is volatile, either up, or down, reflecting essentially the similar changes in the cost of goods due to seasonality and other factors. The online store is updated on a daily basis for the changes of all values, providing the customer the information needed. It is important to know that your orders will be executed through the basis of prices charged and appeared on the website at the time of filing of your order proposal for the species included in your proposed order, even though there have been fluctuations and changes until the acceptance by us of your proposal, execution and issuance of accompanying documents of your order. The modifications do not increase or decrease the amount of your billing. The items you sent to replace items you ordered are charged at the price displayed on the website or force on the day of execution of the order. The final amount of your billing is equal to the value of the order finally performed (during the execution phase, preceded the preparation of the order). The amount of the final order and billing either coincides with the total amount proposed by your order (since it is available all products), or less than the total proposed by your order (once available some of the products). Prices species available through the same execution day, may have differences, because they come from different days of filing of the proposed by your order. Limit modulation of the total price of your order on the order of plus or minus 7% can occur when this involves non-standard products, which are sold after weighing (for example, fruits, vegetables, cheeses, meats, etc.). The prices of products are final, ie include VAT The VAT also included in transport prices, as they appear in the configuration of your proposed order at the time that the finalize. Quoted in shop prices include VAT but exclude shipping costs. Additional charges such as Shipping costs, postage, packaging, not applicable discount or offer, except where otherwise specifically mentioned in the description. If during the same period market have announced several offers and / or promotions and / or discounts, which are either related to the entire order, or product groups or species concerned, will apply only one setting the most advantageous for the customer. Valid for a predetermined period of time, provided that the offered item is available and if the stock is enough. The kosmarket.grden be liable to any customer or household for any financial loss that may result of refusal or failure in performance, execution delay, cancellation, withdrawal / discontinuation of any order or any inability or failure of any customer or household to make use of electronic shop, offer, discount, promotion thereof for any reason. Refund on goods or services purchased in the context of an offer, promotional program / action or discount period, based on the price offer, promotion or discount period.
The user expressly agrees that exclusive jurisdiction and jurisdiction for any dispute arising with, have the Courts of KOS. These terms of use are governed by Greek law. The use of the website, services and content are subject to the above terms of use. If the user – the customer sees these conditions unacceptable, please do not make use of the website